Hi, I'm Emma. 

I am a toddler mom turned small business owner, reviving 100 year-old designs through digital restoration and reinterpretation.  I am also a trained art historian with a PhD living in Chicago. I am obsessed with all old things, including architecture, the archives and of course, historical objects.  This business is my passion project and pandemic pivot, for which I source only the most unique and high quality design pieces I can find.  Rare Form is my brick and mortar, art deco concept store where I bring together my love of all things vintage and our in-house brand, The Twentieth.  

The Twentieth is an art deco inspired stationery and gift brand that combines historical maximalism with 21st century wit and unapologetic attitude, here to tell you that you're a boss bitch and you're freaking killing it.  For my cards and art prints, I bring Art Deco imagery into the 21st century with contemporary empowering language.  My business is meant to raise others up with affirming messages of support the way this career change has empowered me as a mother of a pandemic baby and former art history teacher.  I create cards that are purposely over-the-top in message and design because I believe now more than ever, it is vital that we share our true feelings with our loved ones and empower ourselves through community-building.